5 Hairy Ideas to Check out ...


5 Hairy Ideas to Check out ...
5 Hairy Ideas to Check out ...

Karen asks us over at her blog. My answer would have to be permanent curls. I was not so sure how they would turn out but I loved them.

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This is a great post for those who always wanted how to have curls as bouncy as Taylor's. You only need 3 products. Awesome.


Keep these products close if you want to keep your hair moisturized this winter. Information is from someone who worked at a hair salon for years. Pretty trustworthy.


Fancy Some Fancy Hair Style Tutorials?

Super Kawaii Mama (and friends) got you covered! I'm always in awe of Super Kawaii Mama's hair styling so this post is gold.


I am so trying this today. Perfect styling for that gypsy - romantic look. This braided hairstyle could be great for a V-Day date, too.
Top Image by: by **Evil Erin**

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Biggest risk I took with my hair? Chopping off my waist-long hair and moving on to a shorter above-the-shoulder length. O.o

that Grammy curl tutorial was helpful. I have very straight hair so I'm rather unfamiliar with hair curling mousse! Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask - definitely will look into this!

i cant do a french braid please someone help me please dont think im stupid

I loved reading number 2. Achieve Those Yummy Grammy Curls. Those remington curls look superb!

@ Denise I did that too! Only my hair wasn't as long as yours =P I hope you liked the results!

Really nice and short tutorial about the french braid. I think I'm going to try it today :)

i thought the grammy curls tutorial was okay but the thing is none of those products i have seen in my shops. I tried these extra large heat retainer rollers but after a hour NOTHING CHANGED. i wanna have curly hair without using a curler but i wanna use a roller but im not sure what kind i should get. PLEASE HELP ME GET CURLS WITHOUT THE high costs

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