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5 Hairy Ideas to Check out ...

By Meream

1 What's the Biggest Gamble You Took with Your Hair?

Karen asks us over at her blog. My answer would have to be permanent curls. I was not so sure how they would turn out but I loved them.

2 Achieve Those Yummy Grammy Curls

This is a great post for those who always wanted how to have curls as bouncy as Taylor's. You only need 3 products. Awesome.

3 Keep Your Hair Healthy This Winter

Keep these products close if you want to keep your hair moisturized this winter. Information is from someone who worked at a hair salon for years. Pretty trustworthy.

4 Fancy Some Fancy Hair Style Tutorials?

Super Kawaii Mama (and friends) got you covered! I'm always in awe of Super Kawaii Mama's hair styling so this post is gold.

5 How to French Braid

I am so trying this today. Perfect styling for that gypsy - romantic look. This braided hairstyle could be great for a V-Day date, too.
Top Image by: by **Evil Erin**

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