10 Ways to Deal with Your Ex Issues ...

Everyone hates break ups, but they are made ten times worse if you are struggling to keep your past boyfriends in check! It seems Iโ€™ve always got a friend who hasnโ€™t let go, canโ€™t say no, is constantly getting back with her ex or is having some other ex catastrophe, so here are my top ten tips for dealing with your exes, so you can spend more time finding Mr. Right!

1. Staying Friends?

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Staying friends with your ex will only work if both of you have no feelings for each other. If either of you are secretly hoping for a reunion, or just have tiny niggling feelings left over, itโ€™s destined to fail. Think about how you would feel if he suddenly got a gorgeous new girlfriend... if there are any feelings of uncertainty or jealousy, you are better off leaving him alone!

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