10 Things about Brad Pitt You Didn't Know ...


10 Things about Brad Pitt You Didn't Know ...
10 Things about Brad Pitt You Didn't Know ...

Being a Sagittarian I was delighted to find that Brad Pitt is one too! Born on December 18th we’re just 10 days apart. It’s not the same year though so I can’t really claim to be famous yet!

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His formal and official name is William Bradley Pitt. That’s a mouthful and I’m glad he shortened it to Brad. ‘William’ doesn’t have a Hollywood ring to it!
# 3
While at school, Brad was quite the sportsman. He played basketball, golf, tennis and participated in the choir, debate team, swim team and drama club. Now that’s what we call a great example!
# 4
Just like almost every young adult Brad Pitt had acne. Yes, this super star really is human! However, you won’t see the scars on his face as it has been removed by dermabrasion.
# 5
No! Brad Pitt was always a mega star! He worked as a pool boy, chauffeur and a delivery man. Here’s something even better - he worked as a giant chicken mascot for a restaurant! Now that’s one chicken I’d buy from!
# 6
Brad Pitt won The Golden Globe for ’12 Monkeys’. The movie starred Bruce Willis and Madelyn Stowe.
# 7
Did you know that Playgirl magazine once published his nude photos shot by paparazzi? Brad Pitt apparently sued the magazine after the photos went public! Ouch!
# 8
Brad Pitt’s love life reads like a movie script! He was once engaged to Gwyneth Paltrow for three years. Later he was married to Jennifer Aniston and now shares four children with Angelina Jolie! Let’s just hope he’s ready to settle down!
# 9
He may be a romantic but he’s a responsible dad. Rumor has it that Brad wakes up early every morning to give the kids their breakfast! What’s Angi doing? Sleeping. Oh well, some women are lucky!
# 10
On another good note, Brad Pitt was involved in construction 150 new homes in December 2006 in New Orleans. He partnered with Steve Bing and offered $5 million towards the "Make It Right" project. Now that’s a large heart!

There you have it, girls, the 10 things you didn’t know about Brad Pitt!

Do you know other facts about Brad that haven't become a common knowledge yet? Please share them with me...
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I just love Brad Pitt. He is a wonderful actor and his looks are just way too good!!! And the older he gets, the better he looks, don't you think?

I cant imagine myself waking up and my Brad doing all the chores. Angelina is a very lucky girl.

Wow!!! he was born on my birthday!!! YESS!!!

i feel what u talk about is average.......nothing special bro....wish u dont mind

Coming from an Aussie bloke in saying this, I feel Brad Pitt is a great actor and the part about him waking up very early to feed his kids goes to show he is a family man. He has money yet shows true self to keep up that task. Lastly, Great work on your website. Tripped over it from Google. Cheers mate Mark

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