10 Things about Gisele Bundchen You Did Not Know ...


10 Things about Gisele Bundchen You Did Not Know ...
10 Things about Gisele Bundchen You Did Not Know ...

When it comes to super models, it doesn’t get hotter than Gisele Bundchen. The face of 20 brands, Gisele has grown from being a runway success to one of the richest models in the world! Infused with style, elegance and beauty this walking fashion queen sets every stage on fire. Here are some lesser known facts about her.

"If you are an admirer of beauty,you must know this gorgeous woman..."

all the boys want!
Brazilian by birth, Gisele speaks in Portuguese and English is her second language. Her fiery attitude and confidence definitely has Brazilian heat in it.

"Gisele Bundchen is such a babe. I remember her memorable appearance in a "Get a Mac" TV ad from a while ago..."


• She has five sisters - Graziela, Raquel, Rafaela, Gabriela and Patrícia (twin sister). Now that’s one beautiful family
• But it doesn’t stop at beauty. This family has brains! Raquel is a federal judge in Brazil. It isn’t an easy feat to bag a top job like that.
• Gisele was first discovered when she was 14 years old. A modelling scout noticed her while she was on a Porto Alegre school trip. It sure pays to keep your eyes open!

"I think it's better when you're natural, when you just do whatever you want, ..."

Gisele Bundchen
Her parents have never been too far. Vania Bundchen (her mother) co-starred with her during the Victoria Secret ad. This was in celebration of Mother’s day. Further, her father co-starred with her for a Credicard commercial.
• Did you know that Gisele would have **starred in **? She was considered for a role of Alex Munday which was later played by Lucy Liu. Interesting isn’t it!

"I wouldn't call myself an actress, but I at the same time, if there is an opportunity... I believe in taking chances and living your life."

Gisele Bundchen
• In 2006, E! Television ranked her Number 21 on the ‘Hottest Celebrity Bodies’ list.
"Gisele did not agree with the comments regarding condom use made by Pope Benedict XVI after his official visit to Brazil..."

• Gisele showcased her creative skills when she launched ‘Ipanema’- her personal brand of footwear.
• She then went on to create a necklace which was sold as a limited edition piece. This was to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Hospital in their fight against cancer.
• Gisele is very particular about cleanliness. She constantly scrubs and cleans her house to ensure she doesn’t get infected by germs.

"I hate people invading on my privacy. I hate talking about my private life..."

Gisele Bundchen
• Her personal wealth is estimated at 150 million. This earns her a spot in the Guinness Book of Records as the richest model in the world.

"It has been reported that Bundchen earned $35 million last year ..."

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Truly unique and a complete success story, Gisele’s life reads like a bestseller. She continues to set runaways ablaze with her talent and good looks. Having graced the cover pages of the world’s leading fashion magazine Gisele stands as **an icon of feminity and grace.

"The Brazilian supermodel is convinced her mother is proof she will get better looking as she ages."

Magazine Girls
** **

Take a look at this Ad Gisele Bundchen For Versace and Ad for Ipanema.

I'm sure you want to know what place she got in our rating 50 Hottest Women Celebrities

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She's gorgeous, and I think she's rather clever, because she has become the richest model... and that is not only because of her appearance..

shes stunning! I cant believe I read "ugly" comments in reguards to GISELE BUNDCHEN!!!!! oh wait yes I can! its just that, she is GISELE BUNDCHEN! tall,rich,beautiful,thin,hot hubby,dream life and career. yep she has multiply the haters. its natural. if only she cared or even knew about her haters as much as they care about her, LMAO>

Wow, she has everything. She is sexy, famous and rich!

She's so gorgeous. I have heard some haters say she has a big nose, sure she does, but that does not make her any less gorgeous. I think it makes her more gorgeous and makes her the unique beauty that she is. They are just jealous because she's gorgeous and successful. Haters searching for flaws and ways to put her down. Pathetic.

hhh but she is quite and beutifullD

You'll recognize Gisele Bündchen if you are in the 40+ age category, not from modeling though, you've seen her before she was on a runway. Bündchen's name is Brandy, and in the 90's she went around with her Father abducting and raping and killing children in South America. She was also trafficked for sex as a child and became a child sex trafficker for the Epstein/Maxwell ring before her model-name Gisele was known to us. She persisted trafficking and corrupting, victimizing and gsining power and wealth until Brady divorced her as he found out about the CHILD abuse side of her. Bündchen victimized women and children in our California community and my family as recently as 2023, last year. Please STOP giving her any positive media coverage. She is a tyrannical psychopath about getting what she wants, and everything should be taken away from her.

EU sou do brasil e aqui giseli é muito querida por todos, não sor ela mais tambem outras modelos, como alessandra ambrosio e isabeli fontana e etc.

she's just ugly. and a bitch.

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