10 Magical Things We Should Have in the Muggle World ...


J.K. Rowling didnโ€™t know what she was starting when she wrote the Harry Potter books. Millions of people, young and old and from all walks of life, have followed Harry from the day he was left on the Dursleyโ€™s doorstep to the day he married Ginny Weasley. Itโ€™s been a long and crazy journey for Harry Potter and honestly, it leaves the fans wanting more. There are many things in the Wizarding world that have fascinated the readers. For a fan like me, there are some things from Harry Potterโ€™s world that I wouldnโ€™t mind having in real life.

1. Moving Photographs

Moving Photographs

Photo Credit: Mindtrain

I am well aware that we have videos and moving gif images. However, there is nothing quite like holding an actual photograph in your hands. Moving photographs from the magical world is something that Iโ€™m sure a lot people enjoy.

Moving and Talking Portraits
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