Philosophy “Help Me” Review ...

In a couple of short years, I will be forty. While I’m perfectly okay with that, I am NOT okay with LOOKING forty. I don’t want wrinkles. Not even one. So years ago, I started using products with Retinol, and I've tried to stay out of the sun. But Retinol products can be iffy, and pricey, so I’ve tried a lot of them with varying degrees of success, and never really found a favorite. Until now.

Price: $18 at

I started using Philosophy’s “Help Me” Retinol cream as part of my night-time skin routine about eight weeks ago, and even in that short amount of time, I have noticed a difference in the way my skin looks. It glows. It really does. And better still, those tiny wrinkles that were forming around my #eyes and mouth are gone. Gone! And best of all, I got something I didn’t even bargain for — my slight acne is also gone. I have had only a few spots in the past eight weeks, which is remarkable. I’ve suffered from mild acne for almost my entire life.

Is there a downside to “Help Me”? The only one I can think of is found in the product description on the Philosophy website: pregnant #women should consult a doctor before using any Retinol product.

In short, I love Philosophy’s “Help Me.” I’m not searching for another anti-wrinkle product. Why should I, when I have the best one, right here?