7 Great Decorating Ideas for Your Children’s Bedroom …


If you are anything like an average parent, you are probably spending a lot of time thinking about the perfect little bedroom for your kid.2

Regular is so passé, not to mention yawn, boring!

For your kids, it has to be nothing less than the best and something out of the ordinary, right?

However, if you are still stuck with ideas of cute looking teddy bears piled up high on the headboard these 7 decorating ideas for your children's bedroom are going to hit you like a breath of fresh air.

Let’s get started and put together one hell of a bedroom for your kid!

1. The Outdoor Camp & Hiking Theme

The Outdoor Camp & Hiking Theme

Photo Credit: kidsbedroomsdesign.blogspot.com

Did your kids have a wonderful time at the last camp they attended?2

In that case, choose a rustic, outdoorsy theme for their bedroom.

Start with pine or log bunk beds with flannel fabrics and plaid patterns, and put up pictures of wild animals, trees, and plants on the wall or choose a forest-themed wallpaper.

2. Cartoon & Movie Characters

Cartoon & Movie Characters

Photo Credit: kidsbedroomsdesign.blogspot.com

Although this sounds a tad bit clichéd, it’s an evergreen theme that almost all children love.

And, with the ever growing concept of merchandising, it’s easy to come by lamps, linen, bedding, towels, and memorabilia of your kid’s favorite character from movies or animation.

3. Sports

Photo Credit: furniturestocks.com

Yet another theme you can never go wrong with.

What kid doesn’t like sports?

Take your pick - baseball, football, soccer, basketball – and go wild with all kinds of sporty ideas.

Paint the room in the colors of your kids’ favorite team and display trophies, gloves and pictures of famous sportsman on the wall.

What a great decorating idea for their bedroom, right?

4. Sunny Green Valley

Sunny Green Valley

Photo Credit: lynnerutter.com

Kids love a bright and sunny theme, so paint a mural of lush green hills on the wall with the rays of the sun peeping over their tops.

Compliment this by using yellow quilts and bedding and green rugs to create the feel of grass.

As an extra special addition, paint the ceiling a soft sky blue.

The Wild Color Theme
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