7 Celebrities Who Smoke ...


There are a lot of celebrities who smoke, in spite of how hugely unpopular the habit is now. In many ways, you can understand it. Many people smoke because they say it relieves stress, and they truly feel that it does. Acting, making music, or being famous for being famous are all very stressful occupations. Okay, maybe the last one’s not all that tense, but the first two can cause all kinds of stress. Regardless of their reasons, here are some of the most famous celebrities who smoke.

1. Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe

Oh no! Harry Potter is a smoker! It’s not actually a big deal for the most part, and the reports vary about his smoking habits. Some claim that he gets through a pack a day! Regardless of how much he smokes, however, everyone’s favorite wizard is one of many celebrities who smoke.

Kate Hudson
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