7 Ways to Show Your Creativity ...


There are so many beautiful things in life.

Water, flowers, the sky, a baby...countless objects to inspire and encourage creativity.

If you feel that you have the potential to be more creative, but you're not sure how to let it go, here are 7 ways to get it started!2

1. Write a Short Story or Poem

Write a Short Story or Poem

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Poetry is a very expressive, romantic form of art.

And writing helps us release built up tension or things we hold inside.

Start out with short stories and poems, and as time goes on and you become more comfortable and experienced, you can write longer pieces!2

You will be amazed by your own talent!

2. Listen to Music

Listen to Music

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Music, especially classical music has a way of getting us to open up and relax.

If you can't play and instrument, and have no desire to learn one, pick up a few CD's at your local library.

Be adventurous and choose a type pf music you would never listen to on a regular basis.

You might be suprised by how inspiring it can be!

3. Paint


Photo Credit: jimmiehomeschoolmom

Broaden your horizens!

Step out of your comfort zone and do a painting.

It doesn't have to be a masterpeice.

You can make and abstract design or even blotches of color splayed out on the canvas!

The point is, if you are enjoying it, your creative juices will start to flow!

With practice over time, you may become a very talented artist!

4. Make a Collage

Make a Collage

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Got any old magazines laying around?

Put them to good use!

Make a collage with all your favorite pics from several magazines.

You can make themes collages, big collages, or small collages.

Be creative and play around.

You may come up with some fun designs!

Knit or Crotchet
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