7 Great Stamps for Collecting ...


It’s a common misconception that "philately" is the same as stamp collecting, but it’s not ù it’s just the study of stamps.2

Stamps are a great way to learn about a culture, who and what it values and what its art looks like (and how much it costs to send a letter!) … I’ve collected them for years, and they’re fascinating!

If you’re looking to get into collecting, a great place to start is the U.S.2

Postal Service, who issue new stamps all the time!

Here are a few of my recent favorites, 7 great stamps for collecting… or just studying, I suppose…

1. Sunday Funnies First Day Covers

Sunday Funnies First Day Covers

Price: $4.10 at shop.usps.com

For collectors of a certain age, the Sunday Funnies have a special meaning.

They recall lazy weekends spent with the best part of the newspaper — the comics!

This set of first day covers has all of the best ones, too, like Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes (my favorite!)…

The Simpsons 44 Cent Stamps
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