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7 Great Magazines for Kids ...

By Jennifer

It’s now the middle of summer vacation from school, and your kids might be starting to complain that they’re bored. My kids love reading magazines, and there are so many great ones to keep them occupied! Not sure which ones to buy for our own little readers? Here’s my list of 7 great magazines for kids!

1 Highlights

HighlightsPrice: $34.95 at
I used to get this one when I was little, and I still love doing the puzzles and reading the poems while I’m with my daughter in the waiting room at the pediatrician’s office. If your child is a little older, there’s another version called High Five, too!

2 Disney Princess Magazine

Disney Princess MagazinePrice: $38.99 at
It’s a rule: all little girls must adore the Disney Princesses. If your little girl adheres to this law, then she’ll love this magazine, filled with games, puzzles, and stories around the mega-successful Disney Princess franchise.

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3 Preschool Playroom

Preschool PlayroomPrice: $26.97 at
My daughter loves this magazine because it has all of her favorite characters, and there’s something new every issue. There are lots of pictures, and the reading is right for her age.

4 Your Big Backyard

Your Big BackyardPrice: $24.00 at
Looking for a nature magazine with absolutely NO advertisements? Your Big Backyard is completely non-commercial, and there are such gorgeous photographs! Older kids may be bored, but any little girl or boy will love the close-ups of bugs, flowers, and more!

5 National Geographic Kids

National Geographic KidsPrice: $19.95 at
Everything that fascinates kids about our current world or our past will love National Geographic Kids. I don’t like that there’s so much advertising, but it’s worth it for the amazing photos and fascinating articles, all geared towards younger, but savvy, explorers.

6 Sports Illustrated Kids

Sports Illustrated KidsPrice: $19.95 at
If your little sportsman has been swiping Dad’s Sports Illustrated, maybe it’s time for his own subscription to SI Kids! I love the funny interviews with the pro athletes, and the messages are all positive.

7 American Girl

American GirlPrice: $22.95 at
If you’ve ever been to an American Girl store, or seen any of the books, you know how wholesome but realistic these girls and their stories are. There’s nothing objectionable here, and pre-teen girls are hopelessly addicted.

There are literally hundreds more magazines for kids, but these are the ones mine like most… and that I like most, too! Which of these do you get for your kids? Or is there another magazine they love? Please let me know!

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