7 Celebrity Self-Help Books You Probably Shouldn't Take Seriously ...


7 Celebrity Self-Help Books You Probably Shouldn't Take Seriously ...
7 Celebrity Self-Help Books You Probably Shouldn't Take Seriously ...

Okay, so we love celebrities. Whether they are in the middle of a huge controversy, wearing something amazing or helping third world countries, we can’t help but love them. But sometimes, they can take our obsession a bit far. Like these celebs, who decided to write self help books. Would you really take advice from any of these?!

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Tyra’s Beauty – inside and out

Tyra’s Beauty – inside and out Price: $30 at amazon.com
Tyra shares practical advice on how to make yourself as beautiful as possible, naturally. The book has large sections on the importance of self confidence, and also discusses nutrition, workouts, make up, and clothes. Sounds okay, right? Well, it’s not a bad attempt. The book will certainly tell you alot about Tyra, and her own personal experiences, which can help if you are going through something similar, and even includes pictures of Tara proving that she isn’t perfect. But there’s just something a little amiss...


How to Be Famous: Our Guide to Looking the Part and Becoming a Tabloid Fixture

How to Be Famous: Our Guide to Looking the Part and Becoming a Tabloid Fixture Price: $16 at amazon.com
Heidi and Spence share their tabloid knowledge, including how to sell your wedding photos, and the benefits of cosmetic surgery...and to be honest, it is the funniest book I’ve ever read. What makes it so funny? The fact that it’s written so seriously. Speidi have really thought out their media campaign, and by reading their book, you can try it out for yourself. Just don’t expect much...I think mine will be used as a door stop.


I do – Achieving Your Dream Wedding

I do – Achieving Your Dream Wedding Price: $25 at amazon.com
I love Jess...she’s always seemed so wholesome, and her and Nick seemed like a fairytale couple. And really, this book is okay...it’s romantic, and has some great tips for getting your wedding exactly as you want it (or like theirs). There’s even expert advice from Jess’s hairdresser, florist and Vera Wang! The problem? Jess and Nick split up a while ago, and it seems unlucky to use a divorcee’s guide to plan your own wedding. Still, there could always be a sequel?


How to Lose Your Ass and Regain Your Life

How to Lose Your Ass and Regain Your Life Price: $14 at amazon.com
Do you remember Kirstie Alley, from Cheers? Well, this is her autobiography, mixed with diet book. The problem is, although it has some useful tips hidden away in random places, it’s disjointed. There is no real beginning or end, and although there are some hilarious parts, you won’t feel like you’ve read a self help book...it’s more like sneaking into a fat room-mates diary/food recording, and having a read. For a laugh, it’s worth the money, but for advice? I’d go elsewhere.


Satisfaction: the Art of the Female Orgasm

Satisfaction: the Art of the Female Orgasm Price: $12 at amazon.com
I loved Sex And The City, and Kim Cattrall, so I thought I’d see what this was about. It might be better to separate her from her character, though...man eating book it is not. It’s very vanilla, and most of the tips and tricks will be known by those with any experience. It does contain well drawn images, and the women have curves which is refreshing, but it just didn’t seem to have that spark...it’s informative, but it won’t set your bed on fire.


Jennifer Love Hewitt: the Day I Shot Cupid

Jennifer Love Hewitt: the Day I Shot Cupid Price: $15 at amazon.com
This is one of the those books that seems to draw a lot of opinions...Jen shares her experiences with love and heart break, and tries to teach us to lose our expectation of the perfect man along the way. Some of it is hilarious, and a lot of it will make you see Jen in a whole new light...but as for self help...well. I found it quite hard to relate to her advice, especially as I thought a lot of what she said was just plain wrong. Ignore the settling-for-second-best advice, and stick to Jen’s own tales. It makes a good autobiography, at least.


Alicia Silverstone: the Kind Diet

Alicia Silverstone: the Kind Diet Price: $20 at amazon.com
Alicia’s book sold huge numbers of these books after appearing on Oprah, but many of them felt short changed. While the book does show a new diet, that fits Alicia’s vegan lifestyle, it is full of PETA propaganda to a certain extent. There are some delicious recipes, and for the most part it isn’t judgemental, but it does clearly list the problems that eating meat and animal products causes, such as heart disease. Alicia keeps a steady tone and writes a good book, but most people would prefer it without the bias.

I guess it’s to be expected with celebrity writers...being a little self obsessed has to come with the job, and this can come across as pushy and judgemental when written down. But still, if you are looking for a self help book, look to the experts, and if you want a laugh, grab a celebrity book. You’ll get better results that way! Have you read a celebrity self help book? I’d love to hear what you thought!

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