7 Celebrity Self-Help Books You Probably Shouldn't Take Seriously ...

Okay, so we love celebrities. Whether they are in the middle of a huge controversy, wearing something amazing or helping third world countries, we can’t help but love them. But sometimes, they can take our obsession a bit far. Like these celebs, who decided to write self help books. Would you really take advice from any of these?!

1. Tyra’s Beauty – inside and out

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Price: $30 at amazon.com
Tyra shares practical advice on how to make yourself as beautiful as possible, naturally. The book has large sections on the importance of self confidence, and also discusses nutrition, workouts, make up, and clothes. Sounds okay, right? Well, it’s not a bad attempt. The book will certainly tell you alot about Tyra, and her own personal experiences, which can help if you are going through something similar, and even includes pictures of Tara proving that she isn’t perfect. But there’s just something a little amiss...

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