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When friends talked about books on self-improvement, I rolled my eyes - seemed like whimsical nonsense to me. I mean if we weren’t already trying to do our best in this competitive, fast-moving, modern world we wouldn’t have got this far – right? Wrong.

Improvement should not be seen as a reachable goal, it should be an on-going process. You would never snub a potential new friend because you have enough friends already, so why settle for less in other areas? Why shuffle along that comfortable, familiar plain when you could be gliding new heights of satisfaction and enlightenment?

After giving it more thought, I realized no matter if it is relationships, work, self-confidence or (most importantly) sex - there is always room for improvement. So why not push ourselves that bit harder?

After some research I realized that most of the books on the subject of self-improvement weren’t airy fairy, spiritual self-help drivel! I never imagined that I could find a book so fine tuned into improving my weaknesses and not just generic advice, or tips how to walk into a room full of people you don’t know.

I have touched upon a few that I found particularly inspiring, but there are lots more out there. I hope there is something in the bunch for you but if not, conducting an internet search should help you find self-improvement books dedicated to you. Here are my 10 favourites:

1. The Courage to Be Brilliant: How Five Acts of Improvement a Day Will Make You Shine ...

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**by Marta Monahan and Jeff Anrdrus **

This is excellent read will help you work out exactly what is holding you back from being your best. The author advises how to get back on the path to brilliance and even if you can not envisage a life of brilliance right now, once you read this book you will be making leaps and bounds in the right direction!
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