10 Warning Signs That a Guy is Bad News ...


Not every guy is bad news, but as all of you ladies reading probably know, you do sometimes run across a guy that is just wrong for you.

That doesn't mean that he's an awful person, just that he's really not the right choice for you at the time.

Some guys are players – and so are some girls.

It happens.

But it can be heartbreaking and painful, and it's always better to avoid a scene like that, so here are 10 warning signs that a guy may be bad news.2

1. Vague Labels

I know not every girl is interested in having a label, but sometimes you need to know where you stand.

If a guy is not willing to say whether you're a girlfriend or just a friend with benefits or simply someone he's interested in casually dating, you might want to step back and look for someone else.

You might be a booty call, or you might just be trying to get with a guy who is not yet ready for a relationship, but isn't willing to actually say so.

2. High Expectations

Only you know what you're comfortable doing on a first, second, or third date, and so on.

If you are interested in something casual, that is also cool.

If, however, you are looking for something a bit more serious, then you need to pay attention to a guy's intentions.

If he seems to fully expect that you're going to sleep with him right away, without even finishing the date, it's probable that he's not really interested in getting to know you – beyond what kind of panties you're wearing.

3. Heavy Hinter

Even if a guy is not looking for the same things you are, you have to respect honesty – and you have to take it seriously.2

Many guys are more than willing to be upfront about the fact that they really aren't looking for a serious relationship.

If the guy you're dating says that he's not really the kind of guy who's ready to be your boyfriend right now, listen.

Don't try to change him, don't think you can fix it – that's a good way to get hurt.

Your Best Friend's Boy
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