10 Warning Signs That a Guy is Bad News ...

Not every guy is bad news, but as all of you ladies reading probably know, you do sometimes run across a guy that is just wrong for you. That doesn't mean that he's an awful person, just that he's really not the right choice for you at the #time. Some guys are players – and so are some girls. It happens. But it can be heartbreaking and painful, and it's always better to avoid a scene like that, so here are 10 warning signs that a #guy may be bad news.

1. Vague Labels

I know not every #girl is interested in having a label, but sometimes you need to know where you stand. If a guy is not willing to say whether you're a #girlfriend or just a friend with benefits or simply someone he's interested in casually dating, you might want to step back and look for someone else. You might be a #booty call, or you might just be trying to get with a guy who is not yet ready for a relationship, but isn't willing to actually say so.