10 Super Stylish Socks ...


With the onset of the colder weather, I’ve been getting out my long socks.

Some of them need replacing though, so I’ve been looking at the amazing colourful pairs out there, rather than just opting for boring black.3

Here are my favourite stylish socks.

1. Snow Day

Snow Day

Price: $18.95 at amazon.com These may not be the cheapest pair of socks on the market, but you do get what you pay for. Just think how lovely and warm these wool socks will be!

2. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty

Price: $9 at amazon.com

It seems that just about everything has the Hello Kitty logo on it these days.

These socks would make a great present for a fan, or for yourself (though they'd be best worn indoors if you’re not that young!

3. Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson

Price: $10 at amazon.com

Betsey Johnson’s designs have a very quirky style, and these socks are a great example of that.

However, they’re smart without being outlandish, so you could wear these at any age.

4. Tibetan Flowers

Tibetan Flowers

Price: $9.75 at amazon.com

I don’t normally like flowery designs, but these socks are different.

Red is one of my favourite colours, and it sets off the flower pattern beautifully.

5. Argyle over the Knee

Argyle over the Knee

Price: $6.75 at amazon.com

I normally regard over the knee socks as something for the very young, but I guess they might be good for the very cold as well!

So if this winter is as cold as last one, I might just consider these.

I do like the Argyle pattern.

6. Stripes


Price: $9.75 at amazon.com

Stripy socks are always fun, and these colours would certainly cheer up a dull winter’s day.2

With a combination of orange, green and purply shades, your feet will be fun and colourful.

7. Vertical Stripes

Vertical Stripes

Price: $9 at amazon.com

These are really fun and unusual!

Stripes in socks are normally horizontal, so the wide vertical stripes in this pair really make a difference.

The colour combinations are really unusual too.

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