10 Rules of Waxing...


Waxing is the new beauty must have treatment.

It’s quick, usually inexpensive and gives excellent results...2

but it’s also very nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve never been before!

I’ve been quizzing friends, salon owners and home waxers, and here are the top ten rules of waxing...

1. Sexy Underwear

Sexy Underwear


Unless your waxer is a gorgeous, single, straight male, you don’t need to wear your sexiest underwear.

And what are the chances?

Almost zero.

Wear something comfortable instead, you’ll be glad you did!

2. Make Him Pay!

Make Him Pay!

Photo Credit: Hamed Saber

It’s okay to lie there wondering if men would go through the same pain for us, and to decide to charge it to his card, or buy yourself something as a thank you present...2

or even better, get him to surprise you!

3. Brazilian Shyness

Brazilian Shyness

Photo Credit: - ♥ Cherie ♥ -

If you are shy, don’t go for a Brazilian.2

Being naked from the waist down in odd positions isn’t dignified, and while you’ll get used to it, it isn’t worth it if you are shy!

Just choose a different style, and finish it yourself if you want.

4. Experiment


Photo Credit: WaxNakedCom

Try some different styles, such as Hollywood (completely bald) or jewels.

If you are paying to feel like a celebrity, make sure you are a hundred percent happy with what you get!

Ask for a description of the most popular styles, and give it a go.

5. Awkward Conversations

Awkward Conversations

Photo Credit: Franana Split

Don’t start awkward conversations with your waxer.

Just because she’s getting a little intimate doesn’t mean she wants the details of your sex life, your family problems or your nipple ring.

Treat her like your hairdresser, and keep it socially acceptable.

6. Socks!


Photo Credit: Honey Pie!

Don’t be afraid to keep your socks on...2

there’s no point having cold feet while you are in pain!

I love my socks far too much to take them off, and no one has ever questioned it.2

Stay comfortable, it’s worth it!

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