Why Asian Dating Sites Are Becoming so Popular on the Internet?

When women from Southeast Asia join popular dating site like myasianrose.com or asiangf.net, the main reason is that they want to get out of their country to get a better life.

Unfortunately all the Southeast Asian countries have a weak economy and there’s less hope for those women to expect improving their everyday living. A long period of recession, high unemployment, and inflation ultimately, has made their living more hard. Like every human on this earth, they expect also to get prosperity and a decent, healthy world for their children.

That’s why those Southeast Asian women prefer to marry wealthy foreign man from rich western countries like America, Europe, Canada and Australia, rather than marrying a local man. They all have in mind that marrying a foreigner will make their life to change for the better. This kind of thinking is a matter of survival for them, because they did not choose to be born in a poor Asian country like Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia.

There is nothing bad for an Asian woman to choose foreign man that will give her security and future. It doesn’t mean that there’s no love at the end of the road.

After all, who can say that love isn’t sweeter when you have plenty of food in the fridge, your kids in a decent school with decent clothes, and that every new day is happy day to spend with a nice husband.

Dating article written by Thalia Gomez - Social researcher & publisher
Photo by **swanky**

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