Where to Go Cheap?


Where to Go Cheap?
Where to Go Cheap?

We all love beautiful things. Because of that, beautiful things normally come with scary price tag. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have a rich daddy like Paris Hilton does. Thus, in order to look fabulous, we have to make our decisions and knowing where to go cheap.

Before we get to where to go cheap, we have to know where not to go cheap. Below are the things I perfect not to own than go cheap on them.

Can't afford a decent bottle of perfume? Then wearing nothing. It is OK to just be yourself both for women and men than wearing something that would keep people away from you. I am not going to risk that, will you?

I spend next to nothing on makeup compare to what I spend on skincare product. I don't even wearing makeup most of the time now. Don't get me wrong, I once just like all the other girls, stock up makeup that I don't even use. Every six months I go through my stuff, I promise myself to throw away or give away some but ended up hold on to them. Finally I realize that it is OK that I don't own all the products listed in fashion magazine. But if you are a girly girl, don't ever go cheap on skincare and makeup because it might cost you more later.

I won't go cheap on watch either. Nothing can be more embarrassed than wearing a cheap watch in a professional environment.

Things you have to have and you shouldn't go cheap
Shoes. You might not be a shoe addict like Carrie, but you do want to make sure that whatever you are getting, is going to make yourself comfortable.
Skincare. And I don't think I need to tell you again why.

Where do I go cheap?
I go cheap on accessories most of the time. Why? Because that way you can afford more to go with your outfit.

I don't spend too much on cloth either. I try not to spend more than $200 on a single piece. I do spend some money on classic designs with neutral colors. As for those seasonal or trendy single pieces, I will defiantly go cheap on them. Plus, we don't want to be a walking label, are we? Mix and match is bigger now.

Bags. I tend to spend little more on purses than bags. But been picky on material and functions with them than the price or the tag come along with them. Sometimes bags can just be an accessories so.

Where to spend my money?
If you consider diamond ring as your accessories, it is the only expensive accessories I will purchase. (Either by my hubby or by myself.) Why? In case I need money some day, it will be lot easier to cash in than a full closet of cloths.

Another thing I love to spend my money on is watch. While some people consider it jewelry or accessories, I consider it as investment. Some rare watches gets 10% annual appraise. Not bad hum?

Anything that makes me happy. It's perfectly okay to make some luxury purchase occasionally without break your bank of course.

Here is my list, and show me yours.

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