WWYD Stinginess Ends in Foolishness ...


WWYD Stinginess Ends in Foolishness ...
WWYD Stinginess Ends in Foolishness ...

“how would anybody of you will react if you learned that your husband shared a hotel room with a single girl dahil lang nagtitipid sila (translate: because they’re just trying to save money)? o, by the way, i just discovered it, I didn’t know about it until recently! accidentally saw the hotel confirmation. This happened Sept2006.” ~ Anonymous Reader @ **Wifespeaks.Com**


Additional notes to make the situation a little clearer:

• The husband (and the single woman) were colleagues who went on a business trip abroad.
• Both are working for the same company and were assigned to take a business trip to the US.

• Both are from the Philippines where the dollar exchange rate is quite high so it is expensive to go abroad.

• Husband is a new father.

• The single woman is aware of that the guy’s married with a new baby.

I already left a comment on the thread:

“I can’t help but be alarmed by what anonymous said. I mean I know how stingy people can get but godammit there are limits! Husbands should set limits and single women should practice propriety! That husband should be castrated and that single woman be stoned to death. But, of course, that’s me being conservative and vindictive. I can’t fathom that any reason would be excusable, let alone, be logical!

I’m still single and these kind of things make it harder for me to take the plunge. Gawd.”

It was an emotional outburst on my part, actually. But if you’d notice the last line, that’s what moves me to post this concern here and get the opinion of the **Dating Dames** readers. I’m not only concern about how this kind of situation can happen when single people decide to go into marriage but also that it somehow made me think that it can happen with unmarried couples who’ve been together a long time.

What would you do if you find yourself caught in a similar situation? Honestly, I think I may react harshly but I haven’t really thought about it thoroughly. Perhaps I feel that there’s a rational way on how to deal with a situation of this sort. Care to share your thoughts on the matter?

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