What Women Love about Men


There's this super cute article published in Women's Health Magazine about the top 11 things that men love in women. Geez, how are we supposed to know that men love women in their 'sweaty post-gym rawness' – when you're not wearing any makeup and you're all sweaty? Anyway, the list is pretty helpful – makes you think of not trying too hard to please your man.

Which got me to thinking about the top things that women love about men. Ready or not, here's my ten cents worth of advice.

We love it when men:

1. Have a Way with Babies

We know that the thought of us having ready names for our babies scares the daylights out of you – but we'd like to know that you'll be a potentially good dad. When you roll your eyes every time we ooh and ahh over a friends newborn tot – it just makes us think that you're not father material. Make funny faces at the baby, it'll make us laugh, too.

Try to Be Close (but Not Too Close) with Our Family and Friends
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