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Payback Time 5 Men's Styles That Women Hate

By Mabelle

I stumbled upon this blog entry which lists down the top 5 women's styles that men hate. Here's the gist of it, from 5 to 1: cheek piercing, giant sunglasses, too much foundation, pets as accessories and high belts. Capri pants, Uggs boots and Capris got honorable mentions.

Really, some men just do not have one stylish bone in their body!

As a payback, I decided to create my own list of the 5 men's styles that women hate:

5 Carrying Backpacks with Suits

If you're trying to climb up the corporate ladder - don't wear your high school backpack with your suit. Carry a decent briefcase, a messenger bag - put your stuff in a box for all I care! This style just makes you look like a **high school kid **playing dress up with his dad's suit.
Carrying Backpacks with Suits

4 Comb-overs

Ditch the Donald Trump hairstyle. He's filthy rich so he can get away with it. If you're follicly challenged, keep your hair cut close to your head or go completely bald. Just like sexy Dominic Purcell in "Prison Break", Terry O'Quinn in "Lost", Howie Mandell, or even Michael Jordan!


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5 Things Cute and Cheap...

3 Wacky Ties

It may l**ook cute for some**, but wacky ties just look - well, wacky - on some men. Stick with the basics.
Wacky Ties

2 Clothes That do Not Fit

Some women can get away with wearing a ten-year old's shirt and still manage to look cute - but for men,** ill-fitting clothes **(too tight or too baggy) just look - sad. Sorry!
Clothes That do Not Fit

1 Funky Facial Hair

You may not know about the meaning of fashion - but please, get rid of those goatees **which make you look exactly what the name implies! If you need that 'stache to keep your **macho image, keep it trimmed - **neatly! **
Funky Facial Hair

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