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Weight Your Life ...

By Anne

veryone has a scale in their heart to weight their life or things in their life.

Sometimes you have to make a tough decision, you don't know whether you gonna choose east or west. You pull your scale out, you watch where it stands and you make your decision. Sometimes things happened in your life, it might or might not effect your life but you still pull your scale out, we call it, judgment. Judgment help us weight our life with ourselves or with someone else. Yes, from time to time, you pull that scale out, you weight your life.

How often do you weight your life? How often do you listen to your heart and then find the balance with yourself?

As I was questioning myself those nonsense this slow Thursday afternoon, I couldn't help but start wondering, what IS the other end of the scale that always balance out our life?

Top 10 lies ever been told...
Who hasn't told a lie or few in their life? I just came across this top 10 list made by Digital Breakfast...

1 The Check is in the Mail

2 You Get This One, I’ll Pay Next Time

3 Trust Me, I’ll Take Care of Everything

4 It’s Not the Money, It’s the Principle of the Thing

5 She Means Nothing to Me

6 Read My Lips: No New Taxes

7 I’ve Never Done Anything like This before

8 I *love* Your New ****_!

9 I Never Inhaled

10 Of Course I Love You

I've used three of them... how many have you used or been used on in your life?

Put life on recharge
Sometimes we feeling low, sometimes we feeling like we are hitting the dead end, sometimes we feeling like drop everything for no reason. That's because your life energy is running low, you need to put it on recharge.

Sometimes, you don't have to wait until your energy bar hits 0 to recharge your life...No matter how expensive the charge will be, remember, you worth it.

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