8 Ways to Recover from an Embarrassing Moment …


It was the first trip I had ever taken with my fiancé’s family. We all decided to go swimming in the ocean’s raging waves when it happened. The wave of my nightmares took me down and when I finally came back up for air, I noticed that everyone was staring. I looked down to see that my bathing suit had fallen to my hips. In that moment, my future brother-in-law started chuckling, followed by my fiancé and his parents and the rest of the family. For 15 stunned seconds that felt like an eternity, I was topless in front of everyone. I was so embarrassed that I wished the ocean would just swallow me! If you have ever lived through a moment like that, you know it can be pure torture. Here are 8 ways to recover from an embarrassing moment.

1. Ignore It

Take a quick assessment of the situation. If no one seems to be paying attention, you might be able to ignore it and walk away! If people around you have noticed, this one is going to be a little more difficult to pull off and it can make an awkward situation even worse.

Apologize for It
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