Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her ...

Still thinking of what to get your lady love? Here's a few ideas of Valentine's Day gifts for her.

1. Unique Jewelry

Heart shape pendants are just too common and boring

2. Chocolate

Try to find something special like designer chocolates with different flavors

3. Pink or Red Pajamas or Sexy Lingerie

Does she prefer comfy PJs or sexy stuff? Find out before you buy!

4. Spa Treatment

Almost all women would love a day at the spa with oil massage, body scrub, facials, manicure, and pedicure.

5. Gift Basket

Fill with all her favorite things or choose a theme you know she'll love

6. Designer Coffee and Coffee Mugs

Make sure you get good quality coffee

7. Tickets to a Show

Does she love musical theatre, opera, the ballet, or even comedy?

8. Gift Card from Itunes

Then she can choose

9. Flowers

Go for orchids instead of roses.

10. Handmade Crafts

Something you made will always touch her heart

11. Hot Air Baloon Ride or Sky Diving

If she is the more adventurous type

12. Beautifully Decorated Cup Cakes

Make own or visit your local bakery

13. Personalized Photo Album and Customized Memory Books

Happy thoughts to look back on as you move forward

14. Chocolate of the Month or Wine of the Month Clubs

A gift that keeps giving

15. Bath and Body Gift Sets

Brownie points if you get her favorite fragrance