Navman's NavPix Guide to Valentine's Day


Navman's NavPix Guide to Valentine's Day
Navman's NavPix Guide to Valentine's Day

5px; float: left;"/>Forgotten all about today's Big Day? Ahh yes, it's easy to do, especially when you walk past all the Paperchases and Clinton's Cards flogging numerous red-and-pink stuff; the people on the street flogging plastic roses; heck, even Tesco has a huge aisle full of tat.

What are you, blind?! Well, you most certainly are a bad boyfriend/girlfriend/pimp. To help you replace your partner's smile, Navman has put together a list of their top ten Valentine's NavPix - if you remember, NavPix is the software Navman uses, where you can download an image, say, of a nice park, to your sat nav device, and then it will give you directions of how to get there.

Take a look at their list of the most romantic get-aways over on their website, which you can use with the recently launched Freedom range, where prices start from £149. Included on the list are more traditional shenanigans, such as the Valentine's Book Party at the Scottish Poetry Library, or for the hell-raisers, a game of bowling at Bloomsbury Bowling might seem attractive. Anyone want to go to the Music at Metro with me tonight? I'm getting all soft and squishy just thinking about it...


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