Valentine's Kisses ...


Valentine's Kisses ...
Valentine's Kisses ...

This Valentine's Day make your kisses as sweet as your love. These delicious glosses will make your pout irresistible!

**LORAC Mocktail**
Polish lips in gorgeous colour and a delicious flavour that tastes like your favorite tropical drink.

Comes in Chi Chi, Guava Tiki, Caffeini Martini, Lava Flow, Maui Mai Tai, Peach Passion, Razberi Cosmo, Sex on the Beach, Tequila Sunrise and Tropical Dream.
$18.00 USD $21.50 CAD

**LOLA Cosmetics Lola's Lip Indulgence**
Lip Indulgence is created with mango, coconut, passion fruit, and papaya butters, with pure flavor straight from the fruit. Promotes full-coverage colour that promotes healing.
Comes in Asian Pear, Berry, Dragon Fruit, Pina, Sangria and Pomegranate.
$16.00 USD $20.00 CAD

**Cake Kiss Silky Smooth Sheer Lip Butter**
Say hello to deliciously smoochable lips with this sheer lip gloss. Light, moisturising and tasty - what more could you want?
Comes in Whipped Pink Berry Cream and Whipped Caramel Cream.
$10.00 USD $10.00 CAD

**Philosophy Cinnamon Buns Lip Shine**
This high-gloss formula is infused with a delicious cinnamon buns scent and flavour that leave behind a beautiful, supernatural finish that looks and tastes absolutely scrumptious.
$10.00 USD $14.00 CAD

**Urban Decay Cocktail Collection Lipgloss******
Cocktail Collection smell and tasts just like the real thing and leave your lips in a shimmering hues that are bursting with flirty, fruity flavours.
Comes in Cosmopolitan, Mai Tai and Pina Colada.
$15.00 USD $20.00 CAD

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