Where Can You Find Valentine Day Discounts - after Lunch?


Where Can You Find Valentine Day Discounts - after Lunch?
Where Can You Find Valentine Day Discounts - after Lunch?

As you know,** lunch** doesn’t last the entire day. As much as we hold on to it, it ends at some point. Due to my hectic work schedule today, “Valentines Day duties” only surfaced my mind late in the day! My adrenaline started working for me, and got edgy. What can I find Now? I began browsing online for a unique idea for my valentine. I came across a great bargain blog called ProBargainHunter.com.

In the past, I loved visiting Macy’s, at their Herald Square location , in Manhatten. With beautiful merchandise displayed on Nine floors, you are surely bound to find something! If I got tired and needed to reboot, I just made my way to the third floor and enjoyed their “Starbucks Best!” My shopping mode changed since I started working here. I got myself hooked on “online shopping” and once I discovered the super deals available, I have a hard time understanding why some still prefer shopping physical retail stores!

And if you don’t want to jump in right now to another site, here is the deal I loved.

“As Valentine day comes closer it gets harder to find good deals on flowers. Here is one that still works as of today, February 14, 2007. Shop at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM and get $10 off items priced $49.99 or more when you enter discount code LOVE7 at checkout. Offer expires Today, February 14, 2007. Don’t like this particular store? Here are more alternatives.”

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