Say It with a Bellum Classic Watch This Valentine's Day ...


Say It with a Bellum Classic Watch This Valentine's Day ...
Say It with a Bellum Classic Watch This Valentine's Day ...

Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that’s created for those who celebrate individuality? With a Bellum Classic watch, not only will you say I Love You, but you will let your significant other know that you appreciate timeless design. The Cupid Box Set by Bellum is a romantic themed watch set featuring two redesigned vintage Rolex’s. The bands, faces, and the backs of each piece have been engraved with intricate hand-done designs and quotes such as “For the one I love” and Till death do us part.”

Bellum comes from the Latin word war, struggle, fight, death, rebirth, change and courage. These emotions and imagery is where Bellum draw their creativity from, battling a war for creative freedom. Bellum is a design collective, a creative think tank of artisans and free thinkers. A collective catering to designing, manufacturing, and customizing one off luxury goods. Bellum Classics is a vintage watch line created for those who celebrate individuality and catering to those who appreciate timeless design. With the Bellum Classics line, they have handpicked each timepiece for its own uniqueness and its ability to meld and integrate within Bellum’s design philosophy, classic with a hint of edge and timeless.

To view or pull samples of the Bellum Classics collection, or to speak with the founders, please contact Nazira Sacasa (

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