8 Things to Be Disposed of Safely ...


In our busy world, we accumulate, use, and throw away more than ever. Now weโ€™re aware of the need to conserve the planetโ€™s resources, and recycling facilities are more widely available, we can dispose of our unwanted goods responsibly, but there are still certain things which need special treatment. Here are a few items to be disposed of safely.

1. Obsolete Electronics

No sooner have we got the latest โ€˜must-haveโ€™ electronic gadget than thereโ€™s a newer, better model. However, obsolete or broken electronics can contain harmful components like mercury and lead, and are items which must be disposed of safely. Many manufacturers and retailers provide options to donate or recycle your electronics, so look for suppliers which offer this, or check out websites such as EcoSquid, Earth911, and DigitalTips for more information.

Plastic Bags
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