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Need another reason to go to Target? (Aside from the Choxie chocolate-covered espresso beans, huge selection of Method cleaning products and, well, just about everything else?)

UK brand Boots has just launched at Target in the US, and you've gotta check it out on your next visit. I've been testing out a few goodies from the Boots line, and there's already one I can't live without...

**Boots Botanics Golden Glow Body Lotion** (couldn't find the link on the Target site yet, so this one goes to the UK site) is a member of the burgeoning "gradual tan" body moisturizer family, but this one really stands out from the pack. In particular, the texture and the scent have many of its drugstore competitors beat by a mile.

Boots Golden Glow has a thinner consistency than most of the popular gradual tan lotions - Jergens and Dove in particular - making it far easier to spread evenly and allowing for faster absorption. (I don't know about you, but even if I wait 30 minutes to get dressed, I still feel like my clothes are sticking to my skin. But not with the Boots!)

And the scent. Yum! Boots Golden Glow smells faintly of honey and vanilla. While it's delicious on its own, it's light enough not to interfere with your favorite perfume.

After a week of use I look like I've been on vacation. The tan isn't as deep as what I usually get with Dove Energy Glow in Medium, but the quality is better. There are no streaks, owing to Boots' superior spreadability, no uneven spots, and most importantly, no orange.

Look out for more reviews of Boots products in the coming weeks!

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