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The Makeup Show ...
The Makeup Show ...

The Makeup Show in NYC today, started what hopes to be the beginning of many shows in the future geared specifically to the professional industry makeup artist. Sponsored by The Powder Group, The Makeup Show is long overdue and for it's premiere, it definitely delivered.

Showcased at this show were top makeup lines such as Alcone, Body & Soul, Cinema Secrets, Face Atelier, IL-Makiage, MAC, Makeup Forever, Stila and Three Custom Color Specialists, among many others.

But the highlight of Day 1 of the 2 Day event, was listening and watching the amazing M****akeup Artist Billy B do his work. You may recognize him in his makeup artist page in Allure magazine, as well as his print and video work on Pink, Beyonce, Destiny's Child, and many others. Incredibly sweet and sincere, who admits to being insecure and nervous when he works still, didn't take away from watching this talent that we in the industry all know. His hour presentation went for over 2 hours but no one was complaining. It truly was and is a rare find to see a master makeup artist like him work right in front of you. I off course wrote a lot of notes, and there were some highlights and interesting things I noticed in how he works that really interested me:

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He Prefers to Work with Very Rich, emollient Moisturizers on the Skin First, before Applying Foundation, so They Have More Slip and Keep Looking Fresh on the Skin Longer and Applies with Foundation Brushes

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He recommended the **Kevin Aucoin Skin Enhancer Concealer** to cover a multitude of skin sins


He shaves Eyebrows, as Opposed to Tweezing, Claiming for Models, a Shaved Eyebrow Will Brow Back Faster for Them. He Also Loves Bleaching Eyebrows for a Lighter Look


**Mac Invisible Sheer Powder** to set foundation is one we both love. You never have to worry about discolorations appearing from too many tones in your products


He Uses No Concealer, Preferring to Work with Silicone Based Foundations to Build up and then Set with Mac Studio Fix Powder to Cover after Setting and Applying a Light Dusting of Mac's Invisible Powder First


He Recommends Lining under the Top Eyelid in Black to Bring out the Eyes in Photo, and He's a Mascara Curling Fanatic. during the Course of the Makeup, He Went Back and Curled the Model's Lashes at Least 5 Times before He Ever Got to Applying Mascara. <a Href=''>**Loreal Voluminous Mascara** is a Favorite


To Clean up Mistakes, Sharpen Lines in the Lip, Etc, He Uses the Studio Fix to Blend out Rather than Adding More Foundation or Concealer


He uses a light white shimmer (not glitter) loose shadow from Mac (wasn't sure if it was a powder or eye shadow) to use as a highlight and shimmer to bring out the bone structure and add glow to the face, instead of shimmer powder

Tomorrow's event highlights the work of photography M**akeup Artist Sam Fine**. Stay tuned for more makeup notes as well as new and note-worthy products discovered at the show.

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