Summerproof Your Makeup Look ...


Summerproof Your Makeup Look ...
Summerproof Your Makeup Look ...

Are you like me? Loving the summer time so you can go 'less' on the makeup, but stuck with the 'how do I keep this on?' factor?


Heat and humidity do two different things to your skin, your face, and ultimately your makeup.

Heat makes your body temperature go up, your skin warms up and the oil glands kick in. You're left with a shiny face.

Humidity does the opposite. Though you think it's oil humidity actually kicks in the sweat glands and you're left with a layer sweat on your skin, and your face.

Two different conditions that create two different problems with your makeup.

For high heat days, avoid anything oily, like thick foundations, thick lipsticks, gummy mascara, and focus on mattifying and keeping skin oil free. This will help keep makeup on longer. My favorite trick is to apply a light dusting of loose powder on skin before foundation to keep oil from breaking through. This helps to keep your makeup on longer. Or if you have a moisturizer that acts as an oil absorbing product, apply first.

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Other Oil-Free Moisturizers

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For high humidity days, avoid layers of makeup on the skin. Sweat tends to stay on the skin longer and leaves a layer between your skin and your makeup that makes you feel uncomfortable, and makes makeup slide off. The trick is to apply less. Make your foundation also your sunscreen and primer in one. Instead of applying so many layers (moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, foundation) that we all want, mix a drop into your foundation of each and apply 1 layer. Or if you can, find a product which is an all in one. Though I have yet to find one that embraces everything, you can easily find foundations with sunscreen and mattifiers, (Revlon's Colorstay">*4&offerid=57302.331819152&type=10&subid="'>Colorstay is one that comes to mind.) You'll find that your makeup stays on much longer in the humidity.

Revlon Colorstay
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Tanners, sunscreen, and/or moisturizers in one:

Complete Touch of Sun Daily UV

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When it comes to the rest of your makeup, apply your powder products (blush and eye shadow) and after applying, mist your face lightly with water. What happens is you'll find your shadows staying on longer. For lips, keep on the light side. A quick lip pencil to define and intensify lip color, with a light lip gloss on top will last longer than a thick, creamy lipstick.

Revlon ColorStay LipLiner in Nude">*4&offerid=57302.331819152&type=10&subid="'>Nude

And what about all those cream, stick, and gel blushes? They actually stay on due to the fact they stick to your skin, and will last on top of oil and sweat. Why? The consistency is similar and they grab onto each other. You'll still have the 'shine' of the gels and creams, but like I say, if you can't beat them, join them. And gel, cream and stick blushes have a higher pigment to them, which is needed to stay on longer within all that wax and oil. Which means it stains your skin as well. And what you end up with is a longer lasting color.

Revlon Cream Blush With Pop-Up Mirror

Dealing with a high heat and humidity day? Do your makeup for humidity. You're skin will breathe easier and feel better.

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