The Model Eyebrow ...

Model Eyebrows, from an Eyebrow Expert.

As an eyebrow expert, I've seen really good and really bad eyebrows. Eyebrows for some reason don't seem to fall in between these two categories. And we all want amazing eyebrows. Why? They literally can change the bone structure of your face, giving you what I call a mini-face life. Right before your eyes.

I've worked on some of the top models from major modeling agencies in New York and Los Angeles such as Elite, Next, Wilhelmina and Ford, and perfect eyebrows are very important.

So when designing a new look for yourself, what can you do to ensure perfect model eyebrows?


**Eyebrow Tips:

1. Don't Go Too Extreme with the Trends. Super Thin and Super Thick Eyebrows Come and Go Quickly. Go for a Happy Medium. That Way You Can Easily Adapt Your Look without Going through Painful Growing out Stages That Never Really Seem to Grow out Anyway

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