SUMMER 06 MAKEUP PODCAST . Strong Brows ...


SUMMER 06 MAKEUP PODCAST . Strong Brows ...
SUMMER 06 MAKEUP PODCAST . Strong Brows ...

Update your look fast and easy. Get out that 3 shades darker than your eyebrows (not your hair) eye shadow and apply to your eyebrows, focusing on creating a really sharp, straight line to the eyebrow.

The easy way is with a really small, sharp angle brush. The smaller the better.

CARGO Brow Angle Brush

Then take your shadow and apply short, small strokes into your eyebrow, focusing on the middle of the eyebrow. Then take your same brush, without applying any more color to it and draw a straight line on the bottom of the eyebrow from beginning to the arch of the eye to create a strong brow.

To soften the edges, take a soft toothbrush, or a eyebrow comb and brush through. This will soften the shadow and brush it into the skin more, so it looks more real.

Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel For Eyebrow Control, Brunette
To keep eyebrows tamed, brush eye brow gel over and you'll find the gel will also help set the shadow. You can also use a bit of hair spray instead to brush through brows for a softer hold.

Ramy Miracle Brow! Kit
Eyebrow Tool Kit with Double-Ended Pencil

Now that eyebrows are a strong focus, it's important that eyebrows are kept shaped and clean. Slanted tweezers are the easiest to work with. For a stronger line, brush up brows before you tweeze and then tweeze any stray hairs that may affect a straight line.

Makeup colors that look best with this look:


LORAC Cheek Duo Blush/Bronzer, Hot Flash

Glossy Nude Lipstick

Vincent Longo Lipgloss, Nectar

Light pink blush

JOEY New York Chisled Cheeks Powder Matte/Highlight Blend Powder Blush, Wish

Matte pink lipstick

Too Faced Juicy Jewels Double Sided Liquid Lipstick & Lipgloss, Precious Pink

Mac Tapered Blending Brush

For more makeup tips and tricks to go with your eyebrow look, check out my podcast.

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