The Kaiser of Quotable Quotes ...

>> When asked how he felt before a show: "I have no human feelings."

When asked about how he keeps the weight off: "I eat next to nothing."

And finally, when asked about his insatiable thirst for knowledge, he brushes it off, saying it's not for show: "I like to look very superficial."

Karl Lagerfeld may be ridiculous, and he may even be a bit twisted, but he is absolutely a journalist's dream. You don't even have to milk the good quotes out of him, they just flow out of his mouth, make the story for the writer. This much I knew beforehand, but it becomes even more clear in The New Yorker's new profile of the man himself. The article is long and wordy, in true New Yorker style, but it delves just as deep into Karl Lagerfeld's psyche as Alicia Drake's The Beautiful Fall did -- with one important difference: The New Yorker was granted an interview with Herr Lagerfeld, Drake was not. Enjoy the opportunity given to you by this article, a window into the life and character of the man credited with being the first to take a dead fashion name (Chanel) and revive it. Absolutely fascinating, whether you like what he does and who he is or not.

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