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Robert Schienberg **(Marchon Eyewear) was recently on Oprah touting the latest sunglass trends. His proudest advice was: Sunglasses are a summer staple, but that **doesn’t mean you should be married to just one pair. He said to treat them like shoes and have a whole bunch for your different moods. Um, as if we need to be told that.

I even have a designated sunglass drawer in our house - and you have to fight for his and hers space. He did share that you don’t have to choose frames based on the shape of your face. Instead, f**ind a pair that fits your proportions **- and personality.

Summer 2007 hot women trends are the medium rectangle **and the **modified aviator. My fav medium rectangle are the Coach">">Coach Charlee Sunglasses.

I’ve always loved the aviator shape, but was tired of looking like a police officer or pilot. Angelina Jolie may have single-handedly brought back the aviator sunglass, but in all new versions of the old staple. So look for plastic versions of this frame - and fun accents like tortoise shell on the wire versions. Love, love…Lindsay Lohan’s Sunglasses from “Georgia Rule” which are She Finds tracked down as Miyagi Eyewear’s Rock Star.

Images [ Via A Hollywood Find: Lindsay Lohan’s ... ]

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