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Keep Your Camping Food Cool

By yumsugar

Summer's slowly coming to a close, but there's still time to pack up the car, pack up the cooler and go on a weekend camping getaway. That's why we're declaring this week camping week here at YumSugar. All week long we'll bring you great camping tips and ideas. Whether you're going on a quick jaunt to the woods, or planning a seaside escape, you won't want to miss out.

For starters, here are a bunch of must-read camping food tips.

• Plan your menus ahead of time. Think about how long you'll be camping and whether or not you're going to bring perishables. Are you hiking in? Will you be able to carry everything you plan? If your meal calls for a cup of rice, only bring a cup not the entire bag.
• Be sure your coolers are sturdy and hold plenty of ice.

• Consider taking two coolers, one for raw foods and one for fresh.

• Store coolers in the shade, and open as infrequently as possible. If you can, cover with light-colored blankets.

• Pack your coolers in the reverse meal eating order. The current meal should be on top. This will prevent you from having to dig through the coolers.

• Consider bringing soups or stews. You can make them in advance and freeze them. This way they'll also act as ice packs.

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