Styling Project Update Sprucing It up ...


Styling Project Update Sprucing It up ...
Styling Project Update Sprucing It up ...

Hair and **Make up are two of the important things for any **styling project. Of course, styling is usually done for a specific occasion, so, your subject is obligated to spruce up the look. IMHO, wearing a fabulous outfit, complete with gorgeous shoes, will seem half-baked if not coupled with a styled hair and a made up face. You simply have to present the entire package in a certain way. Even when you have the right ingredients, proper presentation can add to the dish’s wow-factor. That’s how I see fashion on people, at least.

Anyway, as promised, I’d like you guys to meet the Google Philippines Country Consultant, **Aileen Apolo**, who happens to be my “mystery client” for my **Styling Project**. She was my co-host during the **2007 Philippine Blog Awards**. She need not get a stylist but since I offered my services pro bono, she thought it an adventure and was willing to try it out — such a sweetheart for being a good sport.

Since we’re a bit frazzled with last minute preparations for the event, it was a good move to hire a hair and make up artist, saving me from the stress of having to do it myself. We got Julie Baun, who happens to do regular stints for TV.

Aileen had wanted curls so that’s what we agreed upon and instructed Julie to do. Though her look was essentially inspired by the 1920’s, I don’t think it’s necessary to go for the headbands or feathers on the hair kind of thing. She has long hair, so, I reckon styling the hair short and curly will work just as well as cutting it to a neat bob with feathers, don’t you agree?

To her discomfort, since Aileen prefers a simple look, she had to wear heavy make up. But like I said, she’s a good sport about the whole thing. I merely explained that it’s a requisite to wear that much since she will be under stage lights and will be constantly photographed (and not to mention be on camera for possible interviews!) all throughout the event. It may look horridly cake-like backstage but on stage, photos, and on screen, it will look just right or even better.

As you can see, we opted for a blue-green hue for eye make up to emphasize her eyes and glossy brownish-red hue on her lips, thus, somewhat giving her that not-to-dark-yet-sultry look.

Tell me, what do you guys think of the outcome?

Watch out for the post when I unveil the completed puzzle!

Photos | (c)2007 Sasha Manuel

Note: You can avail of Julie’s services by pinging me or Aileen!

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