Stress Release - Home SPA in Winter ...


Stress Release - Home SPA in Winter ...
Stress Release - Home SPA in Winter ...

No matter how much or how little stress you have, there is stress for every adult, regardless. And everyone have their own way to release their stress. Some go shopping; some work out and some eat more food... well... there is another way, a cheaper and perhaps, a better way...SPA at home.

Even if you are a stay at home mom, you don't have time to treat yourself good. You can, however, spare a good 20 minutes while your child is napping or just after they go to bed, sake yourself into that nice and toasty tub and forget about everything.

All you need is...
A tub of warm water (around 100F) Don't make your water warmer than normal because it is winter time. Hot water could hurt your skin.

Few drops of essential oil (choose the one that helps you clam, Lavender works the best in that matter.)

Maybe some soft music?
A glass of wine?
Your favorite candle? (Light them, don't just dust them)
Or a fashion magazine... (in my case)
Or, whatever you like...

Few Tips of winter SPA:
You only need to use body scrub every another week in winter time verses once a week in summer because dead skin builds up much faster in summer.

The first thing you want to do once out of shower is put a code of moisture lotion on.

If unfortunately, you have sensitive skin like I do, avoid soap. Use anything that is oil based.

We are using...

Lemon Essential Oil from TheBodyShop $12
Not only lemon is good for your skin, it also helps you claim down.

Philosophy">">Philosophy Amazing Grace Hot Salt Scrub, $25

It smells incredible! It is not oily at all and clean my skin very well... recommend it.

Moisturel Therapeutic Cream $17.49
This is highly recommended by many dermatologists. I personally would also recommend it to use as body lotion.

Last but not least, enjoy your time!
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