Star of the Future James Holzier


Star of the Future James Holzier
Star of the Future James Holzier

By Emily Dodson

Look out ladies! Looking for new stars. There is no better one than newcomer on the rise James Holzier. This new star is tearing up the net waves and women alike of all ages are calling him their own.

James Holzier is the #1 searched for male celebrity in the world on, which is the highest visited male celebrity directory on the planet. Holzier has a nice tight lean body, which you will see in pictures, but what makes him so unique and identifiable is that young James has overcome odds and obstacles throughout his entire life.
This hot new star also has followed his own path in turning his back on instant stardom. Respectfully so. James has turned down roles for instant fame in choice of following his instincts and his passion and love toward acting. This new star knows who he is and I like that alot!

As one Hollywood insider says, "He knows who he is. I respect that a lot." Holzier has celebrity sites alike all writing about him and clinging on to him. IncludingJuicy UK in the United Kingdom, Girl Power Magazine in Australia and so many more. His large following is very evident, but all seems deeper because Holzier seem to evoke something many don't.

As the Insider of Entertainment on CBS has mentioned Holzier as "authentic". Holzier remains undeniable humble down to earth and was quoted in saying recently, "I am not better than anyone else no way at all. Not even close. I just thing everyone can do anything, whoever we are. " Holzier carries that cool attitude which has served him very well in life. No matter what the role Holzier decides to grab onto you can be sure operators and magazines alike are standing by.

All this and more is setting the stage for a bright new star poised for stardom.

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omg!! He is so hott!!! i love him!! <3

wow!! loveeeeeeeeeee him <3 :) =) hee hee!!

his career is going to be HUGE!

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