Spice up Your Relationship


By Rossi Davis

You may have been with you partner for many years or just several months. One of the secrets to making you relationship work as a well-lubed machine is bringing flavor into it on a consistent basis. Think of your relationship as an exotic meal and you and your partner as the cooks.

You will need to spice up your relationship continuously in order to keep it “hot”. This is where the real challenge comes in. Couples are busy tending to jobs, children, finances, societal and family obligations. After a while, partners begin to cohabitate or simply exist in a shared living area. Intimacy, leisure, and simple fun are replaced by the business of everyday demands, arguing, discontent and eventual dissatisfaction.

Miscommunication or lack of communication is only one of the problems on the surface. What is below the surface is a whole smorgasbord of other issues. Some of those issues eventually resurface. It may be lack of sexual desire, the need to overpower the other, boredom or lack of trust just to name a few. Even if you have been in a relationship with your partner for a long time, boredom may creep in. Boredom in the bedroom and boredom during daily activities translates to boredom within the relationship in general.

Intimacy is a sort of an art form. It takes work, dedication and creativity. It is essential to find out what you partner likes and what turns him or her on. You have to stay consistent in making your partnership enjoyable and entertaining. If you do not work on improving and spicing up your relationship you may find yourself fantasizing to be elsewhere with someone else. If you are the only one spicing up your relationship, that is going to be in vain. It takes two people to make a relationship and it takes both partners to keep it candled.

After all, no one wants to be kissed on the forehead when they come back from work. Parents kiss their children this way. This is a red flag. Perhaps your partner had a hard day at work or perhaps he or she does not find you sex - appealing anymore. You need to watch out for repetitive behaviors. They are the clues of how your relationship really is. Listen to your inner voice and take notice.

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Well written article, I just would have liked to see more real advice to actually emplement. In what WAYS would you suggest people add spice to their relationship? Other than that, it was a good article just in the way it brings the topic to light for some people.

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