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Shewelry Jewelry for Your Shoes

By Style

Have you ever looked down at your boot and felt like there was something missing? Shewelry has come to your rescue! Shewelry is a line of accessories designed to allow you to personalize your footwear. Designed as a bracelet with a twist, the line offers a multitude of options, including multi-chain styles, customizeable charm bracelets, and decorative jeweled clips, all for your shoes!

Style IT’s favorite styles include Naughty Girl, a multi caviar ball chain style, Rich Girl, a chain with a luxe velvet ribbon running through the links, and Show Girl, a multi chain style decorated with onyx.

Shewelry is the brainchild of Limor Senker, a jewelry designer, and Dafna Nadulek, who ran a shoe store in New York City, were frustrated with the lack of personalization in the shoe market. Voila, they created Shewelry!

Perfect for those end of winter blues when you wish you could trade your boots for a pair of sandals, craving for something new, Shewelry won’t break the bank, with price points ranging from $30 and up.

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