Scrumptious Pop Nosh Linkage!

malibu sounds like a crazy place...fires, guns, & mel gibson rules the town...who wants to move in?

oh jessica simpson went from bad to hideous! i was shocked when i saw these pics of her - yikes...

because the jess pics are so awful - they deserved 2 links! what the hell did she do to herself?!?

olivier martinez wasted no time after breaking up with kylie minogue - is he seeing penelope cruz?

paris hilton might as well grin and bear it and become the spokesperson for the herpes med valtrex

kim mathers is speaking out against eminem - they're both messes who totally deserve each other!

sorry eva longoria - just because they paid you to be there doesn't mean everything is for free...

yikes! some magazine called this wedding dress a success - it's the worst pink nightmare ever!!!

lindsay lohan has been in rehab over three weeks now - i can't wait to see how she acts after...

oh my gosh! that mariah carey is way too much - she even blamed glitter's failure on sept 11th!?!

alyssa milano in a bikini - she seems like the perfect weight for her body - not too big or small

did anyone watch the 4th annual lingerie bowl? they so need to do a hot men in undies superbowl!

madonna & guy ritchie are trying to make things work - they even have themselves a love pact!

jenny mccarthy's nipple came very close to escaping her dress - you can see just a hint of them...

britney spears still lookin' like a mess was in NY stocking up on stuff from duane reade drugstores

kate holmes debuted a new look in miami! posh needs to stay by her side or crap like this happens

beyonce w/ jay-z bonnie & clyde**what the buck?** beyonce kills - pt 2

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