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I love online shopping. I love not having to leave the house and fight with people for the last pair of shoes in my size, and I love waiting for the postman the next day!

I have, however, always wondered why there aren’t any promotional codes for shoes like there are for clothes online. That all changed, however, when I stumbed across!

This is a site that aims to save you money on your shoe shopping. First impressions of the site were good, with it looking reliable and the front page being inviting and well laid out.

I quickly found the coupons page to see if they were worth doing. And they were!!! The coupons are for men, women and children, for a wide range of shoes, and they all are substantial savings too...

I found a gorgeous pair of silver strappy sandals, and got ready to pay. And the coupon I found really worked! I saved $15 on that fabulous pair! Now to see what other savings I could grab... I went to promotional codes, which I also loved. My favourite thing about this page is that most codes offer a discount, AND a free shipping!

The last form of saving I found through this site is discounts, which are also pretty amazing. Imagine my delight at getting 65% gorgeous shoes, and also grabbing my little sister a pair with the same discount!!!

The savings this website offers are huge... and soon their following will be too! Members of sites such as Bizrate have already reviewed the site, and it seems everyone is loving it just as much as me...

The site is perfect, because as well as saving money, it stops me having to search through countless websites looking for codes that are still in date, and can be used by anyone. A lot are individual codes that will only work for one user, or have expired long ago. And some of the sites are so dodgy, they send my firewall mad!

I can’t believe that I can now save money on shoes online, without worrying about them not working, or virusing my computer... it’s a dream come true! And I’m not the only one... since its launch two months ago, over 15 people have wrote to the creator of the site Dan and thanked him for saving them over $100.

Here he is - the guy who saves us, shoe lovers, lots of money!

Dan Deardorf, creator of

Thank you Dan! :)
So, ladies, don't forget to** bookmark** www.ShoeBuyCoupon.Net and sign up for the newsletter, so you don’t miss the next brilliant saving!

I am so waiting for the postman and my new shoes! And how long has it been since you treated yourself to a gorgeous new pair?

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