Sarah Jessica Parker's Upcoming Fragrance ...


Sarah Jessica Parker's Upcoming Fragrance ...
Sarah Jessica Parker's Upcoming Fragrance ...

It was way back in 2005 that ** “Sex and the City”**star Sarah Jessica Parker launched her own fragrance called “Lovely”. The perfume was such a huge success that another scent followed, which is called “Covet”.

It’s probably the combination of the great scent of “Lovely” **and **“Covet” **as well as her reputation as a fashionista, both in and out of the small screen, which boosted the success of **Sarah Jessica Parker's perfume line. “Covet” **even had a follow up for **“Covet Pure Bloom”.

Just recently, Sarah Jessica Parker announced that she will be adding three more scents to her line of perfumes. It’ll be the upcoming Lovely Collection – and they’re set to hit the stores early next year.

The scents under the new line of SJP fragrances include Dawn, Endless **and **Twilight. According to People, here’s what Sarah had to say about the launching-all-at-the-same-time of her new scents:

I wanted to offer a little glimpse into my world, something that was genuine and relatable — very specific moments, treasures of time,” she says. “The concept of moments lent itself to multiple fragrances.”

- Sarah Jessica Parker

I did love the scent of “Lovely” **– so I’ll surely check out any of those three fragrances that my fave actress playing **Carrie Bradshaw - or even an all new fashionable character - will launch next year!

Photo Credit: Zimbio

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