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Sarah Jessica Parker's New Covet Fragrance ...

By popbytes

good evening! below i've cool new ads for sarah jessica parker's second fragrance called **covet**! (her first fragrance goes by lovely) she was over in paris shooting a commercial where she busts out a store window late at night (in a stunning christian lacroix couture dress) to get herself a spritz of covet - alarms sound and she's quickly arrested by the french police and tossed in the back of the squad car - then she begs the cop in her best french to just let her have one spritz! you can catch the spot over on the fragrance's website - it's pretty cute - just like sarah! (not sure what the perfume smells like - has anyone had a sniff yet?)

there's one scent i'm so partial to (i know some of you must agree with me?) whenever i smell it on anybody - i always have to ask them 'do you happen to be wearing angel by thierry mugler?' that scent drives me up the wall - it's simply intoxicating! my old roommate michelle used to work for mr. mugler in NYC and would bring free bottles home all the time! even though it's technically a woman's scent - guys can pull it off too! (they do make a male version but the female one is way better!) popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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