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Help Me Buy a New Fragrance

By Sarah

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My Styledash friends, I need your help.

I have worn out my favorite perfume. No, it's actually not the one pictured above, Philosophy's Amazing Grace. It'sRalph Lauren's Ralph - the one that comes in a short clear bottle with dark aqua blue lettering and design. I have been wearing it for years. Years. In fact, I've been wearing it so long, I doubt I can even smell it on myself anymore. You know what that means? I probably over-spray myself. (Incidentally, I received the Amazing Grace as a gift, tried it, and had to return it. I thought it was too sweet-smelling.)

So it's time for something fresh and new, both the maker and the scent. I am not fond of overly sweet smells unless I am wearing something that is specifically made to smell like a Vanilla Cupcake. I also don't like anything too musky or spicy. If I had to put it into poetry, I like the smell of fresh sunshine in the springtime.

I have gone into Sephora at least twice a week trying to find something I like. The problem is that after spritzing myself with about three different perfumes, they all start to blend together. Besides, I can never tell what they smell like on me because they all smell like alcohol right when you spray them.

What do you wear? Why do you like it? I need some suggestions.
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