Rosie O'donnell on Nip/tuck!

good morning! does anybody know what takes place three weeks from tonight? yup - october 30th will mark the 5th season premiere of **nip/tuck** over on FX! if you watched last season you must remember the character of 'dawn budge' played by rosie o'donnell who ended up winning the lottery and was able to hire 'dr. troy' & 'dr. mcnamara' to do a little work on her (plus she had sex with dr. troy!) this season she's back for a few episodes - visiting the doctors at their new los angeles plastic surgery location! below are a few stills of her guest appearance (it looks like 'ms. budge' needs more work done) and coincidentally today marks the release of ms. o'donnell's new sassy book celebrity detox where she dishes on a number of topics including her short lived stint as a host over on the view...which hasn't been quite the same since she left - whatever you might think about rosie - at least she kept things interesting! (i flip flop on her - sometimes i love her and other times she totally annoys the fuck out of me...) popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!


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