Rimmel Extra Super Lash Curved Brush Mascara – Expert Review ...


Rimmel claim their winning combination of brush and formula will ensure you get the last lash every time! We tested it out…

Type of Mascara: Thickening

Colours Available: Black

Price Range: Cheap

Product Claims:

For the look you want. Unique combination of the hugely successful Extra Super Lash formula and a totally new, cleverly designed curved brush. Reaches all lashes, even the ones at the inner and outer corners of the eyes. The formula contains hydrogels that form an ultra-smooth film on the lashes that is ideal for building layer upon layer with no clumps and no lashes sticking together.

My Experience:

I thought this mascara was excellent value for money. It didn’t create miraculous results but it did define my lashes and the curved brush definitely performed well at creating a curl. On application, the mascara didn’t clump but it didn’t separate my lashes either. After one coat, they looked more defined and lifted but a little spiky and stuck together. I tried another coat and that’s when the curl took shape. There was still some spikiness but not as noticeable once they were curled. I was relatively pleased with the end result especially for such a cheap price.

Overall Rating: Good

Price: $3.49 2.89 at amazon.com

Do you find using a curved brush creates a more curvaceous curl?

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