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Relationship Terminators

By Gayla

Being in the midst of the dating world is a harsh lifestyle. Muddling through one bad date after another can be more challenging then some of the worlds most dirty, dreadful jobs - but day-after-day we find the need to subject ourselves to the harsh realities.

When we do find ourselves in a relationship that has all the makings of ‘the one’ there’s not much that could ever push us to the breaking point. While there are few things that might push one over the edge and make that fine line between love and hate seem more like the border between two countries, there are habits or characteristics that we just cannot bring ourselves to accept.

Many of us have a little list tucked away in the crevasses of our minds as to what relationship killers will send us packing and never turn back.

Some of the more common relationship killers are:

• Cheating
• Placing your career and your friends before your partner

• Being overly critical

• Taking less and less interest in your appearance

• Becoming a control freak

• Developing bad habits and bad manners

We all have them! What are some of yours?

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